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THE GENERAL leading PulseUNITY: Pioneering our social community network with visionary innovation and strategic leadership. Passionate about connecting people, fostering engagement, and driving growth. Join us and be part of the revolution!

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Sample of ads running at the Cavalluna shows in during the 2023/24 Season. #cavalluna

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It's impossible to definitively rank the top 20 influencers in the world, as there are many different factors to consider, including:

  • Platform: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Industry: Beauty, fashion, gaming, travel, etc.
  • Reach: Number of followers, engagement rates, etc.
  • Influence: Impact on their audience, brand deals, etc.

Additionally, the influencer landscape is constantly changing, with new faces emerging and others fading.

However, based on a combination of follower count, engagement, and industry influence, here are some examples of highly influential figures across various platforms:


  • Kylie Jenner: Over 380 million followers
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Over 560 million followers
  • Selena Gomez: Over 420 million followers
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: Over 340 million followers
  • Ariana Grande: Over 350 million followers


  • Charli D'Amelio: Over 160 million followers
  • Khaby Lame: Over 160 million followers
  • Addison Rae: Over 90 million followers
  • Bella Poarch: Over 90 million followers
  • Zach King: Over 65 million followers


  • PewDiePie: Over 110 million subscribers
  • MrBeast: Over 120 million subscribers
  • Markiplier: Over 35 million subscribers
  • T-Series: Over 240 million subscribers
  • Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes: Over 150 million subscribers

Other Platforms:

  • Elon Musk: Active across Twitter and X (formerly Twitter)
  • Oprah Winfrey: Highly influential across TV, social media, and various ventures
  • Bill Gates: Prominent figure on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Beyonce: Major influence across music, fashion, and social media

It's important to note that this is just a small sample of highly influential figures, and many other individuals deserve to be recognized for their impact.

To find a more accurate representation of the top influencers in a specific niche or across platforms, you can consult various ranking websites and influencer marketing platforms.

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PRIME disponible :

Suivre Franglish sur ses réseaux :

S'abonner à la chaine Youtube :    / @mrfranglishtv  

Tik Tok :   / franglishoff  

Instagram :   / franglish  

Facebook :   / misterfranglish  

Twitter :   / mrfranglish  


Production : Track&Film

Real : Maxime Fourmont

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